ideas, content creation, and maker culture.

I have been "creating content" for most of my life.

It began with basic images - stick figures and landscapes, and over time, evolved into many forms of painting, sculpture and photography that have kept me exploring. Not much has changed here; it's rare for me to be seen without a notebook or a camera on hand, because I'm haunted by the thought of forgetting a great idea. Part of my blog is dedicated to the work I put out, but I'm also sharing what I see. I'm consistently amazed at how much inspiration one can amass if they simply spend time out in the world.

I've also been writing for as far back as I can remember. I recently stumbled upon a detailed collection of poetry and character studies that were the product of my elementary and high school years. When I was eleven, I was thinking about what kind of characters interested me. Now, at twenty seven, I am in the process of completing a series of short stories that, in part, grew out of my interest in unique characters and the kinds of stories they could tell.

Humans are natural storytellers, compelled throughout history to share ideas, to communicate something about our complicated inner lives with the rest of the world. I often speak with colleagues and peers of mine about what it means to be creative. I find we all have one thing in common - the persistent, clawing, insatiable need to make something. 

I hope I never lose my passion for ideas. Art can be self-serving, but it can also build communities. I have the ability to change minds, inspire something new, and to make other people feel less alone. I want to live my life immersed in the process of creation, no matter what form I choose.