positive thinking for cynics.

I read a blog post this morning about the negative affect that complaining has on your health and wellbeing. The article states that "synapses that fire together, wire together"- simply put, in the spaces between your synapses (the synaptic cleft) bridges begin to form that electrical signals can cross, carrying along relevant information in the form of a thought. 

The important part? Every time this process occurs, the synapses grow closer so as to form the shortest route, effectively strengthening that connection. This is a "microcosmic example of evolution, of adaptation... the brain is rewiring it's own circuitry, physically changing itself". Your thoughts actually change the physical shape of your brain - and as a result, change the physical construct of reality. 

The author goes on to discuss how repeating negative thoughts rewire our brains to be overall more negative. W
e as humans have the choice "between love and fear... the universe is chaotic, from unpreventable superstorms of wind and rain, to unpredictable car accidents or to the capricious whims of our peers whose personal truths even have the ability to emotionally damage or physically hurt others." 

I would describe myself as a cynic. My sense of humour has always been on the dark side and I do find myself feeling overwhelmed when I spend too much time thinking about the world around me. I'm anxious, a bit neurotic, and I tend to overwork myself in every project I take on. I am a complainer.

Scientists now know that stress can kill - elevated cortisol levels lead to a plethora of health challenges - and I feel the effects of that daily, and it's likely by own doing.
I'm learning as I get older that I have to learn to shift my perspective. By choosing each day to focus on the positive thoughts, I'm improving my life and the the energy I give off for those around me. This valuable lesson has been taught through Eastern philosophy since the beginning of time, and now science is proving that there's some real merit behind it.